Flash Fiction Fun

Scared of things that go bump in the night? Well don’t go up into the attic of an old property. Good advice for the couple in this flash fiction tale!

They can be scary places to go and many are reputed to have some ghostly inhabitants. A flash fiction tale of an old hospital.

Kill or be killed? A flash fiction horror tale of one woman’s nightmare!

Hunter or hunted? A flash fiction tale of a vampire.

An unexpected meeting with a gangster. Witnessing a murder. Running. A flash fiction tale of a long day.

Well could it happen? Could we go the way of the dinosaurs? I guess it’s a possibilty, but who knows what would be the tipping point for the lights to go out big time!

Have you ever had the feeling in the words of the song that “Everything’s Going My Way.”. A flash fiction tale of someone who is lucky, or not!!

With Halloween just past and the Christmas party scene still to come there can be many reasons that people will wear masks and costumes. The guys in the this flash fiction tale have their own reason for wearing them.

What kid didn’t dream of being a cowboy at some point growing up. And being a gunfighter is one of the best options when it comes to being a cowboy. A flash fiction tale for those that ever dreamed of being quick on the draw.